Economic Feasibility  

RMTech technologies provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to landfill and incineration.
Expected Income

Across the globe, 1.9 billion tons of municipal solid waste are produced each year (almost 30% is uncollected). The rate of production is currently increasing by 10% a year. By 2050, the annual global production of municipal waste is expected to hit 4.2 billion tons.

The globe generation rate of municipal solid waste (Billion Tonnes/year) 
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Waste generation per capita of each country (Source: ).
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  1. Managing Director
To illustrate the potential, processing this huge quantity of low-value feedstock via RMTech technologies could generate a gross revenue of US$ 285 billion, now. Even more, income could be achieved if our techniques are applied in other waste resource sectors too, such as industrial waste, agricultural residue, etc.  

Expected gross revenue from processing of the globe non-recyclable waste (Billion US $)(Based on specific conditions applied in a techno-economic assessment)
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Capital Cost Return 

The initial capital cost of the implemented technologies could be recovered within just two years, and for the rest of the life cycle, which is more than a decade (15 to 20 years), it will deliver profitable returns.

Cumulative cash flows during ten years of investment in our technologies

This aspect makes the investment in this new industrial sector extremely promising and it will make a significant contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) wherever it is applied.
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