RMTech Technologies

RMTech develops and delivers world-class green technologies for the improved management of renewable resources.
Value-Added, Renewable and Green Products Based on Waste Materials

RMTech technologies offer the best solution for the production of high-value, renewable and green chemicals and fuels derived from non-food biomass and non-recyclable waste materials. We provide alternative techniques to incineration and landfill at better cost-effectiveness and with almost no energy dependency.
RMTech technologies fulfill the requirements of environmental regulations and satisfy economic demands, as well as successfully handling the intrinsic variability and complexity of the feedstock.

  1. Managing Director

State-of-the-Art Technologies

RMTech collaborates with many world-class research centers to refine the development of its state-of-the-art technologies and process renewable, heterogeneous, complex, and low/negative-value feedstocks – such as municipal and commercial waste, agricultural residue, etc. – to produce a very large range of high-value chemicals. ​​

Flexible Scalability

Our technologies are flexible and can be implemented at different scales, either on-site or at a centralized facility. Moreover, the operating cost is significantly lower than other conventional methods, in particular, incineration and landfill.